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Lopingg's News

Posted by Lopingg - February 9th, 2011

Posted by Lopingg - December 29th, 2010

I guess I got around and finished this after all. In time for christmas too! (sorta) :3

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Enjoy! :D

Posted by Lopingg - September 4th, 2010

I normally don't upload vids of myself at the piano, but I couldn't help myself with this tune as it's a blast to play and I found it unfairly under represented!

Enjoy! (=

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Posted by Lopingg - December 28th, 2009

2010...it's the future!!! :D:D:D
Now it's too late to invent Megaman...

Posted by Lopingg - December 26th, 2009

Merry christmas to you all! :D

Two days after Christmas eve I got myself a wonderful gift. I finally managed to break the 200.000 score barrier in MonsterTime, thus earning the "You da man" medal!!! After countless of frustrating tries at home I just tried again for fun on my grandfather's laptop here out in the middle of nowhere and whoa...200.000 points xD.

Merry christmas to all of Newgrounds and god bless the medal system, satisfacting my maxing needs. :P

Posted by Lopingg - August 31st, 2009

OMG! The "Pedestrian devestation" medal in Seed of Destruction is finally fixed and is now easily attainable! (=
Thought I'd have grand children before this day. ^^

Now about our...litteracy problem....

Posted by Lopingg - July 28th, 2009

One year older, one year wiser and one year of hard drive space consumed. Luckily I got a new hard drive. :P
Final year in the 10's! :D:D:D

Posted by Lopingg - July 8th, 2009

Two days ago I strolled around the streets of Stockholm (Effing capital of Sweden for you geography dropouts :P) with my beloved girlfriend and we ate some asian food at a place callen "Kungshallen". A man with two friends took some seats just two tables beside our. I looked at the man and realized that it was Erik Linder (Incredible voice talent), one of the finalists of "Sweden's got talent 2009". :D

After our dinner, I walked up to him with big animé eyes gave him some fan-crazy compliments which he responded with deep appreciation ^^. Made my day...

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Celebzzzz! ^^

Posted by Lopingg - June 17th, 2009

WAHOOOOO!!!!! Drunken deity has reached the shore! :D

Finally!!! OMG I never want to go through anything like that ever again, but I got it, I actually effing got it!!!!! I'm a fag who brag, but who cares!!! :D:D:D:D::D <3<3<3<3<3

One tip though for you medal perfectionists. Don't use other peoples strategies. Even though it seems like an easy shortcut, it isn't. The "quickest" and most reliable way to get the medal is through pure and limitless stubborness. Trial and error are your best friends when it comes to building strategies for the levels of hell. Test your way forward and never give up! ^^

For me, eventually I roamed through the levels without even thinking most of the time. You know you're there when you feel a flow, when your brain is automatically completely aware of every move you will make and are making. No shortcuts here, just pure, old-school LEARNING! <3<3<3

Posted by Lopingg - June 17th, 2009

GAHH!!! I had Drunken deity in my grasp, but I screwed it on the LAST BOSS!!! Frustrating as hell, I just wanna beat myself up! **AGONY** D:D:D:

Just have to keep it cool try again(TM)...