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A life changing moment...

This movie taught me what's really important in life. No words can justify the splendidness of the epic that has honored Newgrounds with its presence on this very day.
I can't wait to see what happens next!

Short but smoooooooth!

I loved how you did the voices. :D
When Luigi first started singing, I could've sworn it was Charles Martinett! 0_0

Short, but oh so smooth! ;)

And I thought er 1 was good...

man! That was quick! I didn't expect ep 2 so soon!!! :D

You really have talent I say. Such effects, Bowser's metal appearance/voice, the background. I love this series, please don't let it die!!!

You're definitely one of my favourite sprite flash artists, next to Randy Solem ;)

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PsychoGoldfish, I want to hug and punch you at the same time for forcing me to go through this game. :P
After many failed attempts, I finally got the almost-impossible-to-get-medal known as "Drunken deity". I can do nothing but agree with everything that KingExodus says. When you lose yourself so deep into a game and spend every single bit of your dedication and patience on it, it's bound to be a favourite. I will always remember the sadistic game Alkie Kong 2 which forced me into a heart-pounding state everytime that precious medal was near...

I love the graphics, music and design. the controls are flawless as mentioned before. I hate it, yet love it at the same time...

One tip though for you medal perfectionists. Don't use other peoples strategies. Even though it seems like an easy shortcut, it isn't. The "quickest" and most reliable way to get the medal is through pure and limitless stubborness. Trial and error are your best friends when it comes to building strategies for the levels of hell. Test your way forward and never give

For me, eventually I roamed through the levels without even thinking most of the time. You know your there when you feel a flow, when your brain is completely aware of every move you will make and are making. No shortcuts here, just pure, old-school LEARNING! <3<3<3

Thank you Psycho for an unforgettable experience, though I hope you will never make me go through someting like this again.

I'm impressed!

I love this! Your idea was truly unique and I didn't realize at first what was going on. :D

Don't know why, but this made me very happy. <3



One of the best flash games I've ever played. Infinite loads of beat-em-up madness!!!

All my 5 R belong to this!

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Woah this is awesome! :D:D:D

The heavyness and overall feel is true to the original and fresh at the same time. I love it! <3

Juguito responds:

thanx! :D
nothing like the snes timesss


God, I love this!!!

It could've been longer, but it rocks anyway. I hope you do more tunes like this!

Just imagine Bomb-omb battlefield!!!

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Cuteness overload!

Talk about adorable! :D
I love the furr, the fiery tail ans the look it gives you. Kinda makes you want to take it home with you. :P


drop-of-water responds:

:D Thank you :3

I love it! <3

This is so cute! <3
Don't judge him beacause of his soft pink skin though. Let your guard down and he will be punching you with your own strength, taken at his will! :D:D:D

Thank you for this extremely adorable picture of the greatest pink fluff in history! I love you! <3<3<3


This is a really beautiful piece of art! She seems to be floating in som kind of endless void, which makes her look innocent and..well peaceful. Nicely done with the hair and the circle of flowers around her. :D
Kinda makes me want to hug someone. ^^

drop-of-water responds:

Thanks :D It makes me really happy :D I will remember this ;)

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