Celebzzzz! ^^

2009-07-08 06:04:32 by Lopingg

Two days ago I strolled around the streets of Stockholm (Effing capital of Sweden for you geography dropouts :P) with my beloved girlfriend and we ate some asian food at a place callen "Kungshallen". A man with two friends took some seats just two tables beside our. I looked at the man and realized that it was Erik Linder (Incredible voice talent), one of the finalists of "Sweden's got talent 2009". :D

After our dinner, I walked up to him with big animé eyes gave him some fan-crazy compliments which he responded with deep appreciation ^^. Made my day...

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Celebzzzz! ^^


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2009-07-14 01:03:41

Your medal score is a lie. All the NG medals available don't even add up to 14000.

(Updated ) Lopingg responds:

I know it's weird. It just bumped up to that amount without reason :/. I know I had below 14000 before. This glitch has happened to other users, not just me. Check the medal thread.
I fail to see what this have to do with Erik Linder though. :P


2009-07-14 17:51:33

See, now the bug is fixed. Accurate medal score GET! \o/